I will now tell you a short story.

The name “Margarita” originates from the first owner of the restaurant who gave liveliness and all her spirit in whatever she offered at the shop creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere to the traditional family business. Due to her strong will, hard work and kindness the shop gained a very good name and reputation. Up to today many people come in search of her and even the children and grandchildren of these people have heard about her and the shop and they also come. Today you can still find her stable presence because she tends to sit outside the shop watching and taking pride in the progress of her business.

This is where my family comes into the story. Respecting the reputation and history of the shop we kept the name “Margarita”. My grandfather “Lampis” and grandmother “Giannoula” took over the shop in 1995. They created a traditional family place in which customers and families who ate there for the first time 22 years ago continue to come to the restaurant up to today.

As the years went by this place become one of the most popular places for food service in the area. Our high spirit and many years of experience has established our restaurant as the first option not only for the local people but for the visitors who visit our area.

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Now my grandparents have handed over the reins of the restaurant to their son, my father who is known by all as “Giannelos”. With the experience he gained while working in one of Montreal’s (Canada) biggest event centers he has transferred all his knowledge not only into the kitchen but also into the development of the restaurant. Therefor the restaurant provides catering service either at a place of your desire or at our shop. We are able to cater for all kinds of events such as baptisms, weddings, festivals, fiestas and even professional or family gatherings.Apart from the name “Margarita” many people search for us or know us by the name “Giannelos”.

This is where the story of the shop ends and who knows maybe one day I will tell you my own story when the reins of the shop are passed over to me. Till then I look forward to serving you our delicious dishes with a big smile and I guarantee if you come once you will want to come again.